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How to Purchase Instagram comments at humancomments.com and is it safe?

Purchasing Instagram comments with us is a simple and instantaneous process that can be carried out in a number of ways using one of the following methods of payment: paypal, mastercard, visa, american express or discover network. As far as security is concerned your payment is 100% secured and guaranteed. One thing to be aware of at the time or purchase of your instagram comments is that we work with genuine accounts and therefore it's important to keep in mind that your order may sometimes take a few moments to be processed and to appear on the photos.

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Purchase Instagram comments

What happens after I Purchase Instagram comments?

Once the payment has been processed, your order will be passed on to our team where we will delegate to our instagram accounts who will get to work on writing your comments. At humancomments.com we believe solely in the use of REAL and active instagram accounts and these are what we use to interact with our clients providing genuine and honest comments in reaction to your photos.

Why should I choose your services over others?

When you purchase Instagram comments at humancomments.com you can be assured that going that extra mile is really worth it. Other providers of services similar to ours may offer more economic rates but can be spotted without trying. The majority of providers of instagram related services offer comments that are directed from ´bot accounts´, that means that these responses are usually pre-programmed using a computer software and are usually very´typical´ or ´neutral´ comments that may not even directly refer to anything pictured in the photo. Our services however are all carried out by real accounts, controlled by REAL people and therefore the interactions are much more fluid and genuine. Another thing to be aware of when purchasing instagram comments is that if instagram detects bot activity associated with your account they may choose to disable that account, to read more on this topic take a look at the post on our blog (https://www.humancomments.com/blog/instagram-erases-fake-accounts/)

As you will notice with the purchase of Instagram comments most of our packages offer comments alongside likes. We highly recommend this type of package as it is much more believable. Many of our clients rely on a boost of likes from our services but when a recently posted photo appears and has a large amount of likes and no comments it can seem rather suspicious. For that reason we offer the two services together as they go hand in hand in ensuring that your account, the activity and interaction with it seems completely normal.

Whether you are a budding blogger, aspiring model, a startup brand or just you, purchase Instagram comments with us today and with a little help and hard work you could become as big as Influencer Huda Kattan. Huda born in Tenessee and starting out with a humble Instagram following, now has in excess of 24 million followers and has been reported as earning a whopping $18,000 for one of her posts promoting a popular makeup brand.

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